Mr. Abdullah Al Balushi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yemeni Omani United Telecom , announced the launch of the new brand YOU, in a televised speech delivered at the company’s press conference on Monday, March 7, 2022, in the presence of the company’s leaders, middle management and a large gathering of journalists, media professionals and company guests.

Al-Balushi praised this partnership, which he described as an extension of the depth of cohesion between the Yemeni and Omani peoples. He announced a historic and important transformation for the largest private sector companies in the field of telecommunications. Announcing the birth of the new brand YOU, which came to emphasize the deep bonding between the Omani and Yemeni peoples.

In a speech that followed, Mr. Musa Al-Hassani, a member of the Board of Directors, praised the launch of the new brand that embodies the aspirations of investors. “In the management of the company, we affirm our unlimited support for the important transformations that YOU will undertake, and that they will be an expression of our aspirations, a source of our pride, and an important point of contact for building bridges of confidence and encouraging investment in Yemen.” he said.

For his part, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Suwaidi ordered the unveiling of the new “YOU” brand Logo.

In his speech to the attendees, Mr. Abdullah Al-Shahari, Acting DCEO, stressed the company’s firm and principled commitment towards development, improving and expanding coverage and launching quality of services that meet the need of the Yemeni public.

As a result, Mr. Ibrahim Al-Samhi, Executive Director of the Marketing Devision, took the stage and explained, in his speech to the audience, the philosophy of the new logo and the main lines of the new identity. He also referred to the advertising campaign, which will come in a 360-degree way; He explained that all the people who appeared in the ads will appear in all the different visual means, and the messages that appeared in the campaign will be unified in all the advertising media, stressing that the message addresses the Yemeni audience in its different sectors and that YOU have chosen four segments of the society  (You are the pioneer: YOU address the Yemeni person in general everywhere in Yemen) and (You are the leader: YOU address all the money and business men and the various leaders of society) and (You are the influential: YOU address the youth segment) and (You are the origin of the story: In it, she addresses half of the society, which is the woman.)

And as an expression of the company’s interest in its human resources, the honoring of the ideal employee for the month, Mr. Abdul Ghani Al-Sunaidar, was announced as the Employee of the Month in February 2022.  as a new launch of the ideal employee program, which is a distinctive initiation of the company.

At the end of the ceremony, the prizes for the Big Winner competition were handed over to two winners, with a total of four million riyals, which were divided between them.